March Forward! (Spring back)

I just did a real nice phone interview with a guy named Michael Nayt, who does an internet radio show on He’d obviously done some Googlin’ on me and realized I’d played music with Billy Mumy. It was a coincidence for him because he had interviewed Billy some months earlier. I thought, “This is very good. If I’m running in some of the same circles as Billy, I must be comin’ up in the world.” Billy’s a good friend, a great performer and songwriter, and a good father. He is living proof that child-stars don’t have to turn out bad.


A few things amaze me. One of them is that I have actual friends who actually fear telling people their actual age. I don’t mean women who subscribe to the old “don’t ask a woman their age” adage, I mean some showbiz pros who are worried that if someone knows they’re 50 instead of 40 their credibility (and hire-ability) will suffer. I won’t try and argue with their experience, but as for me, I think my age IS the thing that is probably most interesting about my pursuit of recognition as a singer-songwriter after a career of doing nearly everything else in the music business (and even acting from time to time).


Anything I have to say as a songwriter has to include being the age I am, smack dab in the middle of the age I’m livin’ in. Like this, for example: “YZ Lookin’ At Me”


As my own booker and manager, I’m in charge of procuring venues and shows to play, so if I don’t do it, you know nobody else will (to paraphrase Dr. John). This month I should fire myself as I haven’t lined up that many places to play, but more will be added to the website and Facebook (here and here) as soon as I get them. PLEASE CHECK!


Here are the  highlights:


I’ll be doing Joe Staats’ VARIETY SHOWCASE on Thursday, March 22. It is at The Lodge on Ocean Park in Santa Monica. Right now he has me on at 9:30 (it may wind up being earlier). I know that’s late on a weeknight for many of you, but I’ll be doing a 45-minute set. The show starts at 8pm, and there are 3 acts before me, so come when you can. It’d be great to see any of you there.


I will also be doing a 30-minute set at Sheena Metal’s CARNYVILLE show at The Other Door in North Hollywood, 8:45 on Thursday March 15. Nice place, good drinks and not crowded.


Thanks, and see you next month!

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