MY BIRTHDAY and FACEBOOK DEBATES (not necessarily in that order)

Every once in a while, I’m embarrassed to say, I get into political/philosophical discussions on Facebook. Every time I do, I try to be the measured, calm, non-name-calling one, and I’m usually successful. Of course, truth be told, in the face of the huge amount of condescending vitriol that is slung daily across the interwebs, especially in this Presidential Campaign Season, when you act like YOU’RE the calm, sensible one, it is, in itself, a form of condescension – the best example of that being Reagan’s famous “There you go again” smackdown of Jimmy Carter, complete with bemused head-shake.

A perfect illustration of my affliction (shared by so many) is this cartoon. It is by Randall Munroe. Those of us who write (and who are less disciplined than my director-writer friend Mark Steilen. I don’t think he has ever even looked at Facebook.) know only too well that every moment spent cyber-arguing with some blowhard (it’s always the other guy who’s the blowhard) is time spent not writing. So you get the double-whammy of realizing that you’ve not only sunk into the quicksand of a pointless Facebook argument, but you’re also not getting your job done at the same time. Multi-tasking!


This November. It’s true. Yes, here I am a showbiz professional (a term of indefinite meaning these days), admitting that I am actually this age. If you know my songs at all, you know that I’m not hiding anything, my age is my “hook.” I realize this is going to ruin my chances at being the next teen sensation. Oh well.

My wife asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I said what I would really like to do is a birthday concert. The last time I did a full show, with just me and my band (folks like Scott Breadman, Steve Deutsch, and others), was last February at the Fremont Centre Theatre, and I had a blast, so this seems like a good reason to do one again.

I will send out more details, but for those of you who might ever have thought to themselves, “You know, I’d like to go out and see Gary play sometime, but I just haven’t had the chance,” Well, this is the one to be at, I gar-ron-tee! I’m shooting for November 17th. I’ll send more details as soon as they come together. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any thoughts about it, or you want to make sure you’re specially notified:

Here are upcoming gigs for September.

9/10 – I’m the musical entertainment, appearing with Kelly Carlin, and “TV’s Frank” Conniff at the Independent Investigations Group (IIG) Awards, Steve Allen Theater, 4773 Hollywood Blvd. Reception starts at 7pm. Admission is free, although donations are encouraged.

9/12 – 6pm PDT I’m being interviewed for 2 hours at Indie Showcase. You can listen live, and join in the chatroom. If you can’t listen live, a podcast will be available shortly after. Indie Showcase consists of volunteer DJ’s all over the world, and runs 24/7/365 in all time zones.

9/15 – Another HELLSTOCK, the great Skip Heller and me doing our own stuff and trading covers at Rafa’s Lounge 9pm 1836 W. Sunset Blvd., LA, (213) 413-4464. Special guest, Lydia Ooghe!

9/218:30 Third Friday Salonat the Rapp Saloon. It’s Elena Secota’s spoken-word, poetry-slam evening with some of LA’s best writers. I’ll be appearing with Carrie White, and one of LA’s best-loved poets, the great Michael C. Ford!

9/27 – Sit ‘n’ Spin Comedy Central; Stage @ Hudson Theatre 6359 Santa Monica Blvd., LA, 90038.  It’s FREE, but it fills up so reservations are suggested.  Call 323-960-5519

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  1. Cathy Toms says:

    September was hell for me socially (death in family; resolved in Oct.) A-n-y-way, hope to see you strut your stuff during Nov/Dec timeframe. Where or when, time will tell.

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