Number one cool thing that’s happening for me this month is a FULL HOUR SET with my BAND at the ECLECTIC MUSIC FESTIVAL in South Pasadena. Showtime is 9pm at the great Fremont Centre Theatre to cap off the fest. I was invited to do the show – on the site of our successful and fun show last year – by songwriter/composer/bon vivant Brad Colerick. Brad, like myself, is a veteran of the music-making machinery of commercials and TV scoring, and he’s also a hell of a great performing songwriter. If you thought of coming to any of my shows, this is the one. (Thanks also to Howard Spector for putting me there.)

Number two cool thing is that BUKOWSICAL, the 2007 New York International Fringe Festival-winning musical I wrote with Spencer Green, is being done by the well-respected New Line Theatre in St. Louis, MO, opening May 31. (The cast album is available here.) It might be THE DIRTIEST MUSICAL EVER. Well, it’s at least AS dirty as BOOK OF MORMON. The show is also very funny, although if you’re at all offended by… well, anything… you shouldn’t seek it out. Remember, I did the music to The Aristocrats by Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette, so I’m a bad judge of where the “line” should be.

Number three cool thing is that I get to play at Bob Stane’s Coffee Gallery Backstage in Altadena, SATURDAY NIGHT May 18th at 7:30pm, with two amazing songwriters and friends: Bill Berry, brilliant song-storyteller and host of the popular “Songwriter’s Square” show at the Lyric Hyperion in Silverlake (I was on his first show along with Tracy Newman), and Cynthia Carle who – believe me – is one of the funniest songwriters EVER. There is a song of hers – don’t want to give the title away, but the initials are “S.A.” – that will make you lose your…well, whatever it is you lose when you laugh really hard. The cosmically delicious Dylan Brody will open for us.

My career has been as circuitous as a drunken sailor’s walk home, but, somehow, every time I think I’m out of “real” show business, they pull me back in. I got to sing with Adele on “Skyfall” (or, as she would say it, “Sky Foh”) for the 85th Academy Awards. There we were, 35 guys, all in tuxes, far upstage on risers, behind a 40-foot curtain of small, twinkling Swarovsky crystals. But we were smack-dab in the land of big-time showbiz, seeing Russell Crowe ambling through the backstage corridors, watching Babs rehearse (who’s “Babs?” What are you, straight?), and meeting the legendary Shirley Bassey. And getting paid to do it. Thanks, Sally Stevens!

I’m premiering a bunch of new songs at the South Pasadena gig, so, for friends like Marci Donley and Hali Burton who have heard a lot of my tunes, I’m just sayin’…

Hope to see you soon in South Pasadena, Altadena, or some other Dena.


  1. Cathy Toms says:

    Well, Gar (I can call you that, right?), once again I was pleasantly pleased to witness another amazing performance of yours. New songs sound good, happy to hear a few of the “oldies” and overall, a wonderful evening of music and merriment. I do think that when playing any of the songs on your CD, mention that and maybe the track–just to get people interested in buying it–just suggesting!!
    Have fun in Saint Louie!!

    • Gary says:

      Thank you, Cathy. I truly appreciate your support and I will take your suggestion the next time I play.

      So glad you came!


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