UNDER THE STARS (And lost in them)

I’m going to play a great venue this Saturday, July 5th at 7pm –  Jaynee Thorne’s Stardust Concerts. This is one of the first house concerts I ever went to.  A perfect valley summer night. You walk past the tasty food, and the ever-present Ted LePlat, and on to the patio filled with people, and see the stage there with a sculpted firepit on a wood platform in front…shaped like a guitar.

Now, a couple of years later, I’m excited to be doing a concert there, sharing the bill with my friend Lois Blaisch. Lois is not only a kick-ass singer, but a #1 hit songwriter, with songs like Tiffany’s #1 multi-platinum “Could’ve Been,” most recently performed by Carrie Underwood on American Idol. Plus, Lois and I did a bunch of casuals together – “tux gigs” – in the early days of our musical lives, so it’s especially great to have our paths cross again.

I just got back from a tour of WA and Northern CA, playing solo (except for a two-night assist from the great Joel Tepp), so I’m delighted to be able to have the likes of Steve Deutsch, MB Gordy, and Ed Tree playing with me at Jaynees place. Jaynee is a fine singer and songwriter, too, which is how I first met her, singing with Severin Browne.

And I guarantee you I will not be the quirkiest person in the room at Witzend, Tuesday night, July 8, 7pm, when I appear with Cynthia Carle, Eric Schwartz, under the auspices of the inimitable and freakishly talented Alfred Johnson.

BIG thanks to Karl Smiley, Lainey Ballew, Shanie Holman, Michael Morales, Mark Pitta, Hilary and Gary McCalla, Marilyn Scott, Leslie Peterson, Lynne Lombardo, Andy Turpin, Dore Coller, Paulette Alexandria, Ron Reid, and anyone I left out, for all their help in making my Northern tour a success. And special thanks to James Hurley for showing me and everyone how it’s done.

Hope to see you Saturday night!

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