A “TOUCH O’ HAPPY” BIRTHDAY, and RUSS & JULIE’S (not necessarily in that order)


(not necessarily in that order)

That’s what my step-Dad, Jim Gaus, used to call Tehachapi: “Touch o’ Happy.” Which is what I feel getting to play there at Fiddlers Crossing. Tehachapi is about 2 hours NE of LA, near both the Mojave Desert and the Sequoias. Fiddlers Crossing was started by Peter Cutler and Deborah Hand-Cutler, and is a true “Listening Room.” It’s 7pm, on November 15th, which also happens to be my birthday!

And, December 6th at 8pm, I’m hugely honored to get to play what has become the gold standard of house concerts, the one that shows everyone else how to do it: Russ and Julie’s series in Oak Park, CA. I’m so excited to be playing their show. Russ and Julie Paris are such generous people, and so dedicated to music and the people who write and perform it, giving hundreds of hours of their time to organizations like the Folk Alliance, and helping to initiate a network of concerts for singer-songwriters and folk artists to play all over America. I’ll be appearing with the talented and rousing duo, Dan Frechette and Laurel Thompson. I’ve become friends with both of them, and their talent and musicianship never ceases to amaze me. To RSVP, and for directions, please email:

Other upcoming gigs: The Cellar Sessions on November 9th. I’ll be appearing with Susie Glaze and the Hi-Lonesome Band. It’s at 3pm at Old Oak Cellars, 2620-D E Foothill Blvd, Pasadena, California 91107. From 3 to 3:45pm, there’ll be complimentary wine-tasting, and the show starts at 3:45. Thanks to my friends Brad Colerick and Ximena Dussan for putting me on this show.

Side note: I have to confess to being one of those people who gets into Facebook discussions/arguments/banter about politics and religion – things people say you should never have conversations about in polite society, but…I always do (My wife always tells me this is the reason we never get invited to dinner parties more than once!). I know some people get angry, indignant, defensive – or OFFensive – in these discussions, but I don’t. Call me crazy, but I actually believe that people coming from different ideas and philosophies, can, with a little work, at least shed some light for others on why they think the way they do. Being in an echo chamber where your own voice and views keep coming back at you is only good for recording vocals. It’s like listening to nothing but oldies. Comforting, but you miss out on a lot of great new stuff.

It’s always amazing to me to see how people can look at the same set of facts and come to wildly different conclusions (and how some people come to their conclusions from no facts at all). But I’m pretty sure we all think our reasoning is sound. Remember, somebody once thought making “Godfather 3” was a good idea.

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