Feb. 15th – LET’S TAKE A TRIP DOWN WHITTIER BLVD. (¡Arriba, arriba!)

Why the reference to the classic tune by Thee Midniters? Because I’m playing a concert in a beautiful theatre on Saturday night, Feb 15th  at 8pm: The Shannon Center for the Arts, at Whittier College (the town where Richard Nixon grew up). I’m doing a full set, and also sharing the bill with two great acts: John Zipperer and Friends, and the delightfulSabrina and Craig.

This is very upscale venue, and, though it might be a schlep for some of you who live further west, it’s going to be a very good show, so please make the drive and come say hello.  Many thanks to Ron Maurer, who was also one of the people responsible for my appearance last summer at the Western Arts Alliance Convention, and thanks also to Shane Cadman at Whittier College.

This month is busy! Here are other cool gigs coming up in February:

ORANGE COUNTY and LAGUNA PEOPLE! THIS TUESDAY, Feb. 4th, 7:30 I’m playing Beth Fitchet Wood’s Tuesday Songwriter Showcase. Beth is a unique and sophisticated songwriter (check the link).    And I’m appearing with Joyce Woodson, and the rockin’ JC and Laney.

Feb. 12,  7pm, David Harvey Presents at the Coffee Gallery in Altadena. David has done this showcase for a few years now, always with the great Dylan Brody providing some verbal wit. I’m happy to be on it again, along with my friend John M., and musical comedianRobin Roberts.

Feb. 18, 7:30pm, a tribute to John Cartwright, Tracy Newman’s bass player, but before that, for 35 years, he was Harry Belafonte’s bass player and sometimes producer. John has had a life in music like almost no other, and there are too many great people performing with me on this show to list here. So go here.

Feb. 25, 7:30pm, another tribute, this time to the late, great Warren Zevon. This is an annual event led by Paul Zollowhom Dave Morrison called “The Bard of Los Angeles.” Check the link for all the multi-hyphenates he has earned. And, again, too many great performers to list here. So go here.

For those of you who are still reading, you may not have gone to my website recently, or to my YouTube page. There are new(ish) songs up on the website, and performances from last years’ concerts on the YouTube page. Please visit, and leave a comment if you’d like. Here’s a cool photo of me by Anjani Lynn White. Thank you!


  1. Julie Cochrane says:

    I wish you could snag Melissa Joan Hart and do an actual full track of “Funky Song.” Or do it solo. It gets stuck in my head–kills me that there’s not a “rest of the song” to play. From an internet search, I see I’m not the only one. :-)

    • Gary Stockdale says:

      Hi Julie,

      Melissa never sang on “Funky Song.” That was sung by myself and a great singer named Will Wheaton. A lot of people have expressed interest in this song.


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