OH, SISYPHUS! (The Musical) (March Madness brings April Gladness)

OH, SISYPHUS! (The Musical)

(March Madness brings April Gladness)


I’ve tended to use the Sisyphus Myth  mostly as a metaphor for great effort exerted for no other payoff than the futility of having to do it again immediately and unendingly thereafter. And that’s not inaccurate. But, anyway, I decided to go back and read the Camus. The story wasn’t only about the futility of the act, it was about the moment AFTER the moment when you’d finished the job and stood on the top of that hill watching the rock… roll… back… down. It was the small pivot of your feet as you begin the walk back to do it all again. Albert Camus calls that the “hour of consciousness.” I know I’m not gonna write the perfect song, but I’m gonna write one anyway. We’re suspended between our ability to see things clearly and yet dream the impossible. Futile, but fabulous.


The month of March is half-over, and dividing it nearly perfectly is a cool gig this Saturday, March 15th I’ll be at West Valley Music Center in Woodland Hills, along with my friends Cynthia Carle (funniest songwritin’ woman on the planet), and the immensely cute and talented Shelby and Tieg. This venue is owned and run by a great songwriter in his own write, Jeff Gold. I hope Jeff will do a few songs himself that night. Reservations are requested (you CAN just show up, but it would be so much cooler if he knew how many were coming).


Then April comes in with a bang: On April 5th, I get to do another House Concert with The Koles at Linda Lee’s House Concerts in Camarillo. At 7pm you come to a beautiful house in the Valley and listen to me, and then to the tuneful sounds of Bill and Arlene Kole and their band.  I’m very lucky to be on a bill with this group that Music Connection named one of the Top 100 Indie Acts in the US.


Then the very NEXT Saturday April 12, I will be performing with James Hurley at one of my favorite places, The Coffee Gallery. James is one of the premier performing songwriters in CA. Recently, we were on the same bill at Bill Berry’s great “Songwriter’s Square” series and we jammed a bit on each others’ songs, so we thought it would be a cool thing to perform together. We have a MYSTERY GUEST STAR who will be on the show with us. I’ll sneak that name shortly before the show. There may be other surprises as well – stay tuned.


Second to last but not least, I will be performing at the American Atheists Convention in Salt Lake City on April 18th,  along with the inimitable Eric Schwartz. Eric and I have performed for a lot of events for the Skeptic/Science/Atheist crowd (my people), and we’re looking forward to this one: The biggest Atheist event of the year smack dab in the middle of Mormon country should be a match made in…well… it’ll be an interesting combination, and Eric and I will be part of an official comedy show along with the hilarious John Dore. Thanks to David Silverman for putting us on the bill. (Not to be confused with David Silverman).


Oh, and come catch me and the redoubtable Chauncey Bowers at Fools on Stools, hosted by the rockin,’ rollin’, and retro Skip HellerApril 13 at 3pm the Redwood Bar and Grill in downtown LA.


OK, time to go back and push that damn rock again.

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