When I announced the upcoming show I’m doing April 12th with James Hurley at the fabulous Coffee Gallery in Altadena in my last blog, I got all enigmatic and announced there would be a MYSTERY GUEST appearing with us.

Well (drum roll)… our mystery guest is HARRIET SCHOCK. While she may balk at being called a “national treasure,” she IS a treasure to nearly everyone who writes and performs songs here in LA and, truly, all over the world. Besides having written big hit records like Helen Reddy’s Ain’t No Way To Treat A Lady,” Harriet has, for many years, taught a songwriting class that just about every writer I know has taken, at one time or another. Harriet has developed a method of approaching the creation of a song that is unique, helping to clear out all the clichés and cobwebs, and make possible the birthing of even the most difficult of song ideas.

She’s going to sing a couple of tunes, one of which will perfectly introduce this show where I get to share the stage with one of my favorite singer/songwriters. A cool thing about James is that, before becoming a traveling troubadour, he was actually a rodeo performer! And the weird thing is, he performs hundreds of shows every year, all over the country (the job I want), and THAT part of his life is usually not even mentioned. Man, if I had some stories like that, you’d hear me tellin’ ‘em all the time.

Anyway, come to the show, hear some good music, meet an icon of LA songwriting, and see if you can get James to talk about that damned old rodeo.
Saturday night, April 12, 7pm, Coffee Gallery, 2029 N. Lake, Altadena,
626-798-6236        $15

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