I wrote a new song the other day, and played it for some other writers, and after some (nice) comments, one said, “It’s a ‘Gary Stockdale’ song.” …not sure exactly what that is, but they seem to be the only ones I know how to write. Luckily, I’m their foremost purveyor.

I just put a new video up on my website, a performance from my showcase at FAR-West in 2013, accompanied by the wicked guitar of Ed Tree. It’s called “Smokin” and it’s about what things were like when ashtrays were found on nearly every table, and no one noticed that every place smelled like burned tobacco.

By the way, I’m playing somewhat fewer live gigs these next couple months so I can catch up on working on some long-form projects, as well as to record and release the rather large bucket o’ newish tunes I’ve been playing the last couple of years. But here’s what’s coming up:

On Friday night, March 20th, I’ll be going up to appear in a great concert series, The Camarillo Café in the town of the same name – where once was located an infamous mental institution which closed in 1997. Though my co-inmates in this upcoming musical asylum are the MacMammals – who play gorgeous Irish and Celtic music (and even sea-chanties!) – I will come on after them and bring the lion’s share of the crazy, I’m sure. The show starts at 7:30. Thanks to Gary and Kathy Lynch for having me.

Then the very next night, March 21st, I’ll be back in Burbank for Theta Sound Studio’s TSS Live concert series, appearing with my good friend Amy Engelhardt. Amy is a veteran of the wacky a capella group The Bobs, and we used to have a band together called The Peepshow Trio, which some of you might have seen. She is delightful, and we will probably be playing and singing together on a few things. It’s $20, or for a couple, $30. That price includes a CD of mine and one from Amy, so, you know, what a deal! This show will be live-streamed on Concert Window so if you can’t be in Burbank that night, watch us on the interwebs.

Oh, and congratulations on the great James Hurley’s upcoming nuptials, (Nup-up!), shared with the talented Melinda Gibson. Everybody celebrate!

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