Gary Stockdale at “Folk Unlocked” plus Safe @Home- CRAZY!

Starting at 6pm (PT) this Tuesday, Feb 23, after my 5:30pm Safe @Home Facebook Live show, FAR-West (Folk Alliance Region-West) are having the first virtual showcase for the 2021 Folk Alliance International “Folk Unlocked” conference. The lineup is Raye Zaragoza, Dulcie Taylor, Reggie Garrett, Martin Kerr, Petty Chavez, Severin Browne, Me, and Benjamin Hunter (I’m on 7th, after my friend Severin). Our group of artists kicks off the evening festivities for FAR-West, which run through Thursday, Feb. 25th, from 6 PM to 10 PM PT / 8 PM to 12 AM CT, hosted by John Zipperer.

All the showcases are free, but you are encouraged to tip the artists and/or make a donation to The Village Fund, a grant program administered by Folk Alliance International for folk artists and independent music industry professionals experiencing financial hardship.

Showcase access for the public is available through this link: 

AND the same night at 5:30pm(PT) this Tuesday, Gary Stockdale Safe @Home presents Show #48 – CRAZY! Besides there being a ton of songs about being, feeling, or acting crazy, the times we’re in seem to be even more insane than ever. Then again, to some, maybe we’re the crazy ones. Whether you are the crazER or the crazEE, join us this Tuesday in the madhouse. Send requests to, or on my Facebook.

The theme of “Crazy” occurred to me as I’ve been talking to some folks I know at the edges of the political landscape. They’re closer to the unhinged end of the spectrum. Now if you think that all the regular media, newspapers, TV news, internet fact-checking sites, are all part of a worldwide conspiracy to lie to you, and that all politicians you disagree with are part of a secret Satanic cult then please realize you are not in touch with reality. When I talk to someone like that, I keep trying to show them that there ARE facts that can be trusted, and that MOST of the people working as real reporters – and even quite a few politicians – really are trying to do the right thing, get accurate information out there, and make society run more smoothly.

It’s not much different than being a singer/songwriter. We’re just trying to do the best we can, make a little money, and leave something good behind.

Much love,