My Weekly Show is One Year Old This Week! Plus Music Video of GET TOGETHER w/ JESSE COLIN YOUNG


When the big lockdown of March 2020 hit us, music artists suddenly found all their gigs cancelled, and every concert venue closed. Many of us had been meaning to do online shows to be able to reach fans and friends who can’t come see us live, but now that was all that was available, so some of us jumped in right away with both feet.

I started doing a little show from my studio, calling it Safe @Home, because that’s exactly where most of us were. At first I just did it using my iPhone, and my guitar and voice through an amp. I set up in my studio, behind my keyboard, and picked up the guitar to play that when I needed it. I staked my claim on 5:30 Tuesday (Pacific Time) and came up with a theme for each week’s show, doing a combination of cover tunes and my original songs. Actually, that was almost exactly as I’d BEGUN my career in clubs and piano bars, 40 years ago!

So THIS TUESDAY March 23 is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of SAFE @HOME. Aided and abetted by my wonderful wife, Danelle Stockdale, I’ve been singing and playing my little heart out for the last 52 weeks, enjoying every minute, and getting hundreds of people watching every week from all over the world. I’m especially grateful to the lovely people who’ve been coming to the show since the beginning, and we keep seeing new visitors all the time.

This Tuesday’s show will be THE BEST OF SAFE @HOME: your requests for the covers and originals you liked hearing the most this last year, and I’ll be throwing in a few surprises as well. There’ll be balloons and, of course, CAKE!

Come join the fun Tuesday at 5:30pm (PT) right here:
Send requests to Or to that same Facebook page.
And, please follow me on YouTube 

Plus, today, SATURDAY MARCH 20, at 3pm, THE TRIBE presents ALL TOGETHER NOW LA2 All-Star Telethon for COVID RELIEF. It goes from 3 to 9:30pm, and features a ton of stars. Plus between 4 and 5pm, a premiere of a new version of Jesse Colin Young’s song GET TOGETHER featuring Jesse, and solos by many Tribe artists including Marky LennonRosemary Butler and ME. Steve Bauman put it all together brilliantly.
Go to and click on the WATCH button. 

Get your vaccinations, don’t buy the negative propaganda, and take care of yourselves. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other in the real world soon.

Much love,