My Weekly Show is One Year Old This Week! Plus Music Video of GET TOGETHER w/ JESSE COLIN YOUNG

My Weekly Show is One Year Old This Week! Plus Music Video of GET TOGETHER w/ JESSE COLIN YOUNG


When the big lockdown of March 2020 hit us, music artists suddenly found all their gigs cancelled, and every concert venue closed. Many of us had been meaning to do online shows to be able to reach fans and friends who can’t come see us live, but now that was all that was available, so some of us jumped in right away with both feet.

I started doing a little show from my studio, calling it Safe @Home, because that’s exactly where most of us were. At first I just did it using my iPhone, and my guitar and voice through an amp. I set up in my studio, behind my keyboard, and picked up the guitar to play that when I needed it. I staked my claim on 5:30 Tuesday (Pacific Time) and came up with a theme for each week’s show, doing a combination of cover tunes and my original songs. Actually, that was almost exactly as I’d BEGUN my career in clubs and piano bars, 40 years ago!

So THIS TUESDAY March 23 is the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of SAFE @HOME. Aided and abetted by my wonderful wife, Danelle Stockdale, I’ve been singing and playing my little heart out for the last 52 weeks, enjoying every minute, and getting hundreds of people watching every week from all over the world. I’m especially grateful to the lovely people who’ve been coming to the show since the beginning, and we keep seeing new visitors all the time.

This Tuesday’s show will be THE BEST OF SAFE @HOME: your requests for the covers and originals you liked hearing the most this last year, and I’ll be throwing in a few surprises as well. There’ll be balloons and, of course, CAKE!

Come join the fun Tuesday at 5:30pm (PT) right here:
Send requests to Or to that same Facebook page.
And, please follow me on YouTube 

Plus, today, SATURDAY MARCH 20, at 3pm, THE TRIBE presents ALL TOGETHER NOW LA2 All-Star Telethon for COVID RELIEF. It goes from 3 to 9:30pm, and features a ton of stars. Plus between 4 and 5pm, a premiere of a new version of Jesse Colin Young’s song GET TOGETHER featuring Jesse, and solos by many Tribe artists including Marky LennonRosemary Butler and ME. Steve Bauman put it all together brilliantly.
Go to and click on the WATCH button. 

Get your vaccinations, don’t buy the negative propaganda, and take care of yourselves. Hopefully we’ll be able to see each other in the real world soon.

Much love,



Gary Stockdale at “Folk Unlocked” plus Safe @Home- CRAZY!

Gary Stockdale at “Folk Unlocked” plus Safe @Home- CRAZY!

Starting at 6pm (PT) this Tuesday, Feb 23, after my 5:30pm Safe @Home Facebook Live show, FAR-West (Folk Alliance Region-West) are having the first virtual showcase for the 2021 Folk Alliance International “Folk Unlocked” conference. The lineup is Raye Zaragoza, Dulcie Taylor, Reggie Garrett, Martin Kerr, Petty Chavez, Severin Browne, Me, and Benjamin Hunter (I’m on 7th, after my friend Severin). Our group of artists kicks off the evening festivities for FAR-West, which run through Thursday, Feb. 25th, from 6 PM to 10 PM PT / 8 PM to 12 AM CT, hosted by John Zipperer.

All the showcases are free, but you are encouraged to tip the artists and/or make a donation to The Village Fund, a grant program administered by Folk Alliance International for folk artists and independent music industry professionals experiencing financial hardship.

Showcase access for the public is available through this link: 

AND the same night at 5:30pm(PT) this Tuesday, Gary Stockdale Safe @Home presents Show #48 – CRAZY! Besides there being a ton of songs about being, feeling, or acting crazy, the times we’re in seem to be even more insane than ever. Then again, to some, maybe we’re the crazy ones. Whether you are the crazER or the crazEE, join us this Tuesday in the madhouse. Send requests to, or on my Facebook.

The theme of “Crazy” occurred to me as I’ve been talking to some folks I know at the edges of the political landscape. They’re closer to the unhinged end of the spectrum. Now if you think that all the regular media, newspapers, TV news, internet fact-checking sites, are all part of a worldwide conspiracy to lie to you, and that all politicians you disagree with are part of a secret Satanic cult then please realize you are not in touch with reality. When I talk to someone like that, I keep trying to show them that there ARE facts that can be trusted, and that MOST of the people working as real reporters – and even quite a few politicians – really are trying to do the right thing, get accurate information out there, and make society run more smoothly.

It’s not much different than being a singer/songwriter. We’re just trying to do the best we can, make a little money, and leave something good behind.

Much love,





A while back, I wrote a song dedicated to teachers. My wife, Danelle, is an early-child educator – I call her “The Toddler Whisperer” because she has the special talent of being able to communicate at the most direct level with kids between the ages of 2 and 4. The song is called SUPERHERO. I recently recorded it, sang the lead vocal and played all the parts, except for bringing in the fabulously talented Alison Lewis to help me sing the background chorus.

One upside of the pandemic stay-at-home orders has been that I’ve used the time to become better at using my Adobe video editing apps, so I also made a video for the song. This blog is to announce the premiere of the song and video on YouTube.

Included in the video are some photos of the amazing teachers who work for The Portable Classroom, the company that Dani and her partner Christa Wagner started over 12 years ago.

Here is where you can watch the song video. 

Feel free to comment on it, and please share it wherever you’d like.



Hard to believe that this Tuesday I will have done this show for 43 weeks! I’m so grateful for all the people who come to see the show every week. It’s as if we’re all hanging around the piano in our living room, while at the same time, some of you are in New York, Texas, and Ireland.

After the past few (insane) weeks, I want to lighten things up a bit, so next week’s theme is:
The Great Singers, Part 1- The Guys

I will be singing songs made famous by some of the best voices of all time. This week, it’ll be songs by male singers. The next installment of this theme, in a few weeks, will be the ladies. Please send any requests for classic songs by classic singers to, or post to that same Facebook page where you go to see the show – which is right here: 

Be kind to each other out there, wear your mask, and I hope we all get vaccinated soon.

“Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying”

“Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying”

Performed in one take at Rock Cellar Studios, 11-28-20

It was bands like the Beatles and Gerry & The Pacemakers that first caused me to want to get up and play rock and pop music in front of people. Before then, I’d been studying classical piano, like most young kids who showed any musical ability. After the British Invasion, everything changed.

When Gerry Marsden died this last weekend, Paul McCartney said, ”He and his group were our biggest rivals on the local scene. I’ll always remember him with a smile.”

Last November, I got to sing one of Gerry’s greatest songs with the Tribe Band for the Project Kids-Care Telethon, Nov 28, 2020. Please listen to my tribute to Gerry Marsden, and share it around if you feel like it. 

ALSO, don’t forget SAFE @HOME with Gary Stockdale, my weekly show on Facebook Live. Today’s show is about the New Year 2021, new beginnings, and starting over.
SAFE @HOME, every TUESDAY at 5:30PM (PT) 

P.S. You DON’T have to be a member of Facebook to watch the show. It’s my public page, and anyone can tune in.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Thank you all for listening to my music this year, and for watching the weekly show. This week marks 41 weeks in a row!

Tuesday Safe @Home Show & Stand Up 4 America Starts Campaign with Song by Stockdale & Green

Tuesday Safe @Home Show & Stand Up 4 America Starts Campaign with Song by Stockdale & Green



I’m really having a great time doing these Facebook Live shows every Tuesday. I’m preparing and learning new songs all the time, and looking for cool themes for the shows. It’s great to see so many people coming to watch, and commenting. I’ve had folks from Texas, Washington State, Virginia, New York, Ireland, and Taiwan tune in.

Just a reminder, it’s 5:30pm, Pacific Time (that’s 8:30pm on the East Coast, 12:30am GMT) on my Facebook Music Page:
Feel free to send requests for individual songs or show themes to my Facebook page, or my email,


Now, I usually try not to get too political in my shows, as I have friends from all across the philosophical spectrum. But I was asked by my comic genius friend Jim Turner to contribute something to Stand Up 4 America in their quest to change the face of the Senate; the main face to change being Mitch McConnell’s. Even if you don’t skew Left, there are a lot of Republicans who are tired of Mitch and his cronies as well.

SU4America’s launched a big fundraising campaign, which includes people like Jack Black, Dana Gould, Moby, Keb’Mo’, Jill Sobule, and Puddles Pity Party.

AND ALSO Gary Stockdale and Spencer Green’s song

If you agree with the idea of the video, please share it around, and look for other cool stuff from Jim and Stand Up 4 America.

That’s it for now. Come watch the show, comment, and send your requests. I love playing for you every week.

Stay safe, healthy, sane, and rational, my friends.